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How to Do Landscaping for Wildlife in Sydney NSW

One of the most vital things that people now consider when they construct a landscape plan is that how they can make the area more suitable for wildlife.

It will give most people great pleasure when they and their kids can watch birds and wildlife around their homes. If you want the same then some tips on how to attract these animals to your property are mentioned here.

wildlife landscaping ideas in Sydney

Bird Feeders

If you want to wake up to the sounds of chirping birds in the morning then you need to add bird feeders to your yards. They offer a year-round supply of food. You can also go for bird baths that offer much-needed water to birds.

Putting up nest boxes on your property is also a good idea if you want to let specific species of birds like bluebirds get a place where they can raise their young. When you see the nest, box turn into a successful location for bringing loads of birds into the world, you will feel an undiluted pleasure.


Other Bird Attractors

You can also add shrubs that can help birds to seek cover or for nesting. It is also a good idea to know about shrubs that will produce berries because it will allow the birds to have a food source close by. Adding trees like fruit trees or pine trees offers the same benefits, a place for the birds to nest and find food instantly.

Birds like chickadees feed on the seeds that are located within pine cones while birds like orioles and mockingbirds like small fruits that grow on trees and shrubs.


Attracting Butterflies

Many people, especially people with small kids prefer to attract beautiful butterflies. If you want the same then you should know that there are scores of plants and shrubs that will be liked by the butterflies so they will visit them often.

You should also know that butterfly bush, also known as Buddleia is a preferred shrub that can attract a large number of butterflies. This shrub produces along the head of flowers that are clustered together.

When you get rid of the dead flowers, the bush will continue to produce flowers for most of the year. Bush also grows like a weed and is fairly tolerable of most of the soil types, even poor or dry ones.

You can also opt to plant native trees and shrubs as it’s vital for butterflies. Many species have certain host plants that they use of pupating or feed on as caterpillars. You need to realize that exotic or ornamental shrubs and trees are often not preferred by soon-to-be butterflies. They seek the plant species that they are adapted to.


Fish and Frogs

To make frogs and fish your neighbours, you need to create a small pond. Adding a small pond will also attract many birds or other animals. When you are creating a pond, just remember to include a filter that will keep the water clean so that wildlife doesn’t fall ill after having it.

On the whole, it can be said that there are so many things that can be done if you want to create an excellent haven for wildlife outside your home.

Just be sure to do as many of them as possible and you’ll love the benefits it offers, be it chirping of the birds in the morning or presence of beautiful butterflies that your kids can chase. Have more ideas regarding making a landscape wildlife friendly? Just comment below and let us know so that we ca learn too.

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